World Happiness Summit 2017

March 17, 2017
1 min read
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World Happiness Summit is a multi-sensory event that gathers leading experts to take us on a mindful journey. Attendees learn, experience and practice ways to assist anyone on a path to happiness and well-being. Everyone is encouraged to reshape their lives through knowledge and positive mindset.

We had the opportunity to create an experience that heightened the event. What was once a dark venue turned into a happy place. We created a park inside the location using turf, balloons and wood where people could relax and lie down. People could visit the mindfulness market in the park and purchase from the local vendors.

Your happy place has now come to life. We built a happy place not just for you, but for everyone for 3 days only. Visit the mindfulness market in the park or just sit down and close your eyes. Come experience what it means to be happy.

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