The Postcard Project




Monthly collectable postcards

The Postcard Project


Monthly collectable postcards

The Postcard Project


Monthly collectable postcards


Well, we’ve always wanted to do something a little quirky and memorable. With that said, we played around with the idea of creating monthly collectable postcards, which we would send to clients, friends and family. In hope that they’d appreciate the message and be inspired, or get completely confused and say to themselves ‘huh?’

After the first few months we wanted the project to grow. And what better way than to create a hub where everyone can view all the postcards and even share photos of how they have theirs displayed. Whether it’s the first thing you look at before you leave for work, hanging at your workstation, on your fridge or even used as your shopping list! We hope you enjoy the project and don’t be shy to drop us a line if you want to join!


Edition #38 -
July 2018

We absolutely mean it.


Edition #37 -
June 2018

Why do we forget the good? Why are mistakes seen so negatively? We won't let that deter us from succeeding. What's important is learning from those errors and pushing through.


Edition #36 -
May 2018

Tend to do epic , tend to do amazing, tend to do joyful, tend to do peaceful, tend to do anarchy, whatever it is, be sure that it matters to you.


Edition #35 -
July 2016

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.”
Christopher McDougall


Edition #34 -
May 2015


Edition #33 -
April 2015



Edition #32 -
March 2015


Edition #31 -
July 2014

That month after June! 
It’s like that!


Edition #30 -
June 2014

Grab your sunglasses and sunblock becasue it’s that time of the year. Just keep an eye out for those fake sharkies!


Edition #29 -
May 2014

Some people call it a ‘‘Dap” others ‘‘Pound” whatever you call it... ah... what the heck’ it doesn’t need a name!


Edition #28 -
April 2014

Nothing else need to be said!


Edition #27 -
March 2014

One small step for man, and one giant leap to always looking forward.


Edition #26 - February 2014

And allow no-one to define it but you.


Edition #25 - January 2014

It’s a simple word that has so much hidden meaning. Don’t spend too long trying to figure it out!


Edition #24 - December 2013

Words can not express the impact Nelson Mandela had on the world, his legacy will never be forgotten.


Edition #22 - October 2013

When holding onto that tight-rope. Don't sweat it! The view may seem worse than it actually is! 


Edition #21 - September 2013

Walkie Talkies are a thing of the past to some people. But who really knows what they're talking about these days!


Edition #20 - August 2013

For us creative folks, being around for six years is a big deal. Passion, big ideas, honest and dedication are a few words that will keep us going!


Edition #19 -
July 2013

Melting shoes could be a hidden sign that maybe now is the time. Then again it could just mean that it's time to buy fresh new kicks! 


Edition #18 -
June 2013

Astronauts are the symbol of being truly fly. We want you to succeed and reach heights only others dream of!


Edition #17 -
May 2013

Always ready to prove those who doubt. And if they don’t’ve backed the right dog!


Edition #16 -
April 2013

Grab your sunglasses and sunblock because it's that time of the year again. Just keep an eye out for those fake sharkies!


Edition #15 -
March 2013

Easter is upon us. And this year we're treating you to a spoilt egg. 


Edition #14 - February 2013

Find yourself stuck in a rut? Same-ol’-same-ol’? Don’t be afraid to try something crazy from time to time, even if it’s just a pair of daring neon socks.


Edition #13 - January 2013

Sometimes you feel like your head’s going to explode with the amount of things to do. Take a deep breath and doodle!


Edition #12 - December 2012

Having faith in your abilities and showing a level of modesty toward others will get you far!


Edition #11 - November 2012

Life is a playground – And who says we need to get off the swing? Treat everyday as if it’s a game, and you’re in for a joy ride!


Edition #10 - October 2012

Time flies when you’re having fun, is what they say. Be sure to get your beauty sleep. Halt! Step away from the computer!


Edition #9 - September 2012

If you don't… do something else! Sounds harsh but why spend your days miserable. Turn that frown upside down!


Edition #8 -
August 2012

And those details come in all shapes and forms. From a pixel to the shoes you wear. So next time you leave your home, think hard about your shoes!


Edition #7 -
July 2012

Oh shit! We’re in July already! So stop putting off those plans you made at the beginning of the year. And get it done before it’s too late!


Edition #6 -
June 2012

Honestly we don’t know what it is either! We just thought it would be a cool postcard message. Stay thirsty…


Edition #5 -
May 2012

And use the force…Skywalker! Don’t worry so much and get some rest here and there. Or as we like to say get yourself 40 winks! Seriously…get some rest!


Edition #4 -
April 2012

… about the small things in life. Except for our coffee in the morning. That’s not a small thing!


Edition #3 -
March 2012

Whoever said its not fun to be in the wrong was lying! Just make sure not to get caught and to have someone close you can blame! Be Safe!


Edition #2 -February 2012

Well in fact you only live once. But how awesome would it be to live twice!


Edition #1 - January 2012

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, contemplate our message. And know that hard work pays off. Cheerio!

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