Red Bull Rey de Cancha

May 6, 2017
1 min read
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Racquetball and Peru are more connected than most people believe so. Created 73 years ago in Peru, the sport is popular till this day. In Lima, there are over 1,200 racquets and 45,000 players. It’s obvious Peruvians love racquetball. To feed the love for the sport, Red Bull created Rey de Cancha.

The name came from a nostalgic moment. We remembered the days we would compete against our friends to become the King of the Court. Along with the name, we created the key visuals for the event, activations and designed the court.

Everybody wants to be the King of the Court. Especially at Rey de Cancha in Peru, this battle tests each player's physical and mental stamina to come out as top in racquetball. Along with the title comes the glory - who will come out as the champion? 

Branding for Red Bull.