Neymar Jr’s Five

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Neymar Jr’s Five is a football competition played in more than 50 countries. This is the way Neymar found to celebrate passion for football with his fans while supporting the sport. The matches are fast, technical and fun. Each team gets five to seven players, both women and men from ages 18-25, and they play non-stop for 10 minutes. The twist? There are no goalkeepers. Whenever ome team scores, the opposite team loses a player. As football addicts, we are honored and excited to help the Red Bull team execute Neymar Jr’s Five 2017.

When adapting Neymar Jr’s Five to Peru, we looked at one of the most historical landmarks in the country: Machu Picchu. With the geometric stones and illustrations in mind, our branding incorporated both on our goals and other promotional materials.

Have you ever played a 10-minute football match with no goalkeepers? Maybe you have, but have you ever played a game where you lose a player each time the other team scores? It's a race against the clock to score as many goals possible at Neymar Jr's Five. Inspired by the landmarks across Peru, we mixed aspects of Peru for this friendly competition. 

Branding and illustration for Red Bull. 








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