Miami Fashion Week 2017

May 31, 2017
1 min read
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The Miami landscape changed in the last ten years, but people still come here for the beaches and parties. There's more to Miami than that. We want Miami Fashion Week to change people’s perspective on Miami’s fashion. MFW is now the only place in the world that offers a Resort-Wear Fashion Week.

Our design takes on this year’s Miami Fashion Week starting today until June 4th. The Resort Wear collections inspired our executions. We use shapes and patterns evident in the collections. To finish it off, we use soft pastel colors that resemble Miami and its heritage.

It's not easy looking so breezy. Find a look you can wear on your staycation at Miami's Fashion Week. This year focuses on Resort-Wear and there's no better place to show an ensemble of resort wear than Miami. Stay in fashion! 

Branding for Miami Fashion Week 2017.