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Red Bull Rey de Cancha

Racquetball and Peru are more connected than most people believe so. Created 73 years ago in Peru, the sport is popular till this day. In Lima, there are over 1,200 racquets and 45,000 players. It’s obvious Peruvians love racquetball. To feed the love for the sport, Red Bull created Rey de Cancha.

The name came from a nostalgic moment. We remembered the days we would compete against our friends to become the King of the Court. Along with the name, we created the key visuals for the event, activations and designed the court.

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Miami City Ballet’s 2017/18 Season Announced

Miami City Ballet was founded in 1985 by the Miami Philanthropist Toby Lerner Ansin and founding Artistic Director Edward Villella. With over 30 years of history and hundreds of ballerinas on and off the stage, the Miami City Ballet has a story to tell.

The 2017/18 season has been officially announced, and we're excited to work with the Miami City Ballet. It's always a pleasure to help with the concept, design and creative direction, this our official key visual.

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OFFF 2017

Barcelona is one of our favorites cities to visit, from the architecture, Spanish culture and gastronomy. It's always fun to be in the city and absorb all the creativity that this part of Europe has to offer.

OFFF is a community that invites everyone who is eager to learn to take part and get inspired in a three-day journey conference. It’s an opportunity to get inspired, learn new things, hear what others have to say about creativity and talk to people in the same industry.


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World Happiness Summit 2017

World Happiness Summit is a multi-sensory event that gathers leading experts to take us on a mindful journey. Attendees learn, experience and practice ways to assist anyone on a path to happiness and well-being. Everyone is encouraged to reshape their lives through knowledge and positive mindset.

We had the opportunity to create an experience that heightened the event. What was once a dark venue turned into a happy place. We created a park inside the location using turf, balloons and wood where people could relax and lie down. People could visit the mindfulness market in the park and purchase from the local vendors.

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Introducing the Fittipaldi EF7

The former F1 racing star and Indy 500 champion, Emerson Fittipaldi, today unveiled his dream track car, designed to fulfil his long-held ambition of bringing the thrill of F1 racing to the public.

After racing cars and winning championships for over 30 years Emerson Fittipaldi wanted everyone to experience how it feels to drive a supercar. Even though the racer formerly retired in 1996, his passion for racing never did.
In 2016, Emerson reached out to us with his vision of creating a supercar which was in the early stages of development. The Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT, designed by Pininfarina, needed an identity that was fast, strong, precise and powerful just like the brand itself.
For the next eight months, we collaborated with Fittipaldi and the Pininfarina team to debut the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. The public and race enthusiasts could then see the design created by us, from the brand identity, race uniforms, printing and digital collateral and everything else we have been doing.
To learn more about the project here.

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Red Bull Music Academy – Peru 2017

The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution pledged to encourage creativity in music. Through workshops, festivals and studio sessions, musicians have the opportunity to make a difference in today's music industry.

Every session brings special guests to talk about their music and related topics. This exclusive academy not only helps musicians produce their music but also go through the challenges in the industry. To be part of this event, participants have to apply to get the chance of meeting the invited artists.

This year, Branko, Matias Aguayo and Dengue Dengue Dengue were invited to talk about their music in Lima, Peru. The artists performed for two thousand people at Dragón del Sur. The venue was split into two stages and adorned with foliage and wood to add local flavor. On the next day, the three artists followed to Las Hamacas at Punta Rocas Beach to lecture the musicians interested in Red Bull Music Academy on how they can join the team and about the Academy.

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Masters of Tomorrow Summit

Masters of Tomorrow is where technology and design meet in Miami during the week of Art Basel. Speakers and participants explore a specific theme through conferences and experiences. This is where creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs and artists get to learn, network and get inspired to change the future.

The MOT Summit 2016 is a design focused conference, and as the creative partner, we worked to create a brand identity that would live up to the event. Today, we are excited to see our work live in front of such talented speakers and participants.

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Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos – International Final 2016

Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos happens every year in South America. The competition is divided between regional and international. Artists compete first in their own country, and then against artists from around the world.
In 2016 Peru hosted its first Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos International Final, and we were in charge of it. Looking to take this event to the next level, we created something unique. Our chosen location was the beach of Explanada Costa Verde in Lima, Peru, where thousands could vibe to the battle and ocean breeze altogether.
Our biggest challenge was setting up the venue. It’s safe to assume that the beach had no structure, no electricity. It was just sand and water. We had to build everything from zero and then take everything apart.
To ensure that everything was up to our quality standards, our team flew down to Lima to assist with the production at the venue. Our banners were so perfectly setup that you couldn't even see the metal structure behind it. Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos International 2016 was so successful that it broke live stream records, opening the doors for our team to work again at the International Final 2017.

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Red Bull Can Design for Batalla de los Gallos

Designing a special edition can for Red Bull’s hip-hop competition is a rare opportunity. When given the chance, we jumped right into it! 

As Red Bull said in 2005 in the first Batalla de los Gallos, many speak, few rhyme, only the best improvise. The brand has been using hip-hop to move Hispanic artists to compete through rhymes, lines and verses, showing locals and the world what these artists are capable of doing.
In 2016, the International Final takes place in Peru, and Red Bull gave us the opportunity to design the special edition can. We were excited and humbled to design a can that would be in the hands of millions of fans.
As we developed the can, we learned more about the do’s and don’ts. Our intention was to feature the finalists as clean as possible, but with energy and in front of an audience. To do that, we used Red Bull’s main blue as our background color and silver as our accent color. The halftone touch made us further achieve our simple yet energetic goal by giving the can the details we needed without overwhelming the design.

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