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Endeavor’s 2017 Impact Report

Endeavor is a non-profit network platform that supports startup businesses and entrepreneurs by providing opportunity for growth.

Endeavor finds the best solution for every challenge a company might have. With chapters all over the world, Endeavor can help your business from finding new employees to investments. Every year the organization creates the Endeavor's Impact report. The report explains how the companies working with Endeavor have changed society and businesses, it featuring their Entrepreneurs and the 1,600+ jobs created and $130+ million in revenue generated by them in 2017.

We created a fun and easy to read report that keeps readers engaged throughout the report.

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Communications Arts Photography Annual 58

During the years working with the Miami City Ballet, we've been documenting the sacrifice & enormous hard-work the ballerinas put their bodies through, which has been recognized by the latest photography annual of Communication Arts s/o to our friend & collaborator Alberto Oviedo

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Neymar Jr’s Five

Neymar Jr’s Five is a football competition played in more than 50 countries. This is the way Neymar found to celebrate passion for football with his fans while supporting the sport. The matches are fast, technical and fun. Each team gets five to seven players, both women and men from ages 18-25, and they play non-stop for 10 minutes. The twist? There are no goalkeepers. Whenever ome team scores, the opposite team loses a player. As football addicts, we are honored and excited to help the Red Bull team execute Neymar Jr’s Five 2017.

When adapting Neymar Jr’s Five to Peru, we looked at one of the most historical landmarks in the country: Machu Picchu. With the geometric stones and illustrations in mind, our branding incorporated both on our goals and other promotional materials.

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Miami Fashion Week 2017

The Miami landscape changed in the last ten years, but people still come here for the beaches and parties. There's more to Miami than that. We want Miami Fashion Week to change people’s perspective on Miami’s fashion. MFW is now the only place in the world that offers a Resort-Wear Fashion Week.

Our design takes on this year’s Miami Fashion Week starting today until June 4th. The Resort Wear collections inspired our executions. We use shapes and patterns evident in the collections. To finish it off, we use soft pastel colors that resemble Miami and its heritage.

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Red Bull Rey de Cancha

Racquetball and Peru are more connected than most people believe so. Created 73 years ago in Peru, the sport is popular till this day. In Lima, there are over 1,200 racquets and 45,000 players. It’s obvious Peruvians love racquetball. To feed the love for the sport, Red Bull created Rey de Cancha.

The name came from a nostalgic moment. We remembered the days we would compete against our friends to become the King of the Court. Along with the name, we created the key visuals for the event, activations and designed the court.

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Miami City Ballet’s 2017/18 Season Announced

Miami City Ballet was founded in 1985 by the Miami Philanthropist Toby Lerner Ansin and founding Artistic Director Edward Villella. With over 30 years of history and hundreds of ballerinas on and off the stage, the Miami City Ballet has a story to tell.

The 2017/18 season has been officially announced, and we're excited to work with the Miami City Ballet. It's always a pleasure to help with the concept, design and creative direction, this our official key visual.

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OFFF 2017

Barcelona is one of our favorites cities to visit, from the architecture, Spanish culture and gastronomy. It's always fun to be in the city and absorb all the creativity that this part of Europe has to offer.

OFFF is a community that invites everyone who is eager to learn to take part and get inspired in a three-day journey conference. It’s an opportunity to get inspired, learn new things, hear what others have to say about creativity and talk to people in the same industry.


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World Happiness Summit 2017

World Happiness Summit is a multi-sensory event that gathers leading experts to take us on a mindful journey. Attendees learn, experience and practice ways to assist anyone on a path to happiness and well-being. Everyone is encouraged to reshape their lives through knowledge and positive mindset.

We had the opportunity to create an experience that heightened the event. What was once a dark venue turned into a happy place. We created a park inside the location using turf, balloons and wood where people could relax and lie down. People could visit the mindfulness market in the park and purchase from the local vendors.

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Introducing the Fittipaldi EF7

The former F1 racing star and Indy 500 champion, Emerson Fittipaldi, today unveiled his dream track car, designed to fulfil his long-held ambition of bringing the thrill of F1 racing to the public.

After racing cars and winning championships for over 30 years Emerson Fittipaldi wanted everyone to experience how it feels to drive a supercar. Even though the racer formerly retired in 1996, his passion for racing never did.
In 2016, Emerson reached out to us with his vision of creating a supercar which was in the early stages of development. The Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT, designed by Pininfarina, needed an identity that was fast, strong, precise and powerful just like the brand itself.
For the next eight months, we collaborated with Fittipaldi and the Pininfarina team to debut the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. The public and race enthusiasts could then see the design created by us, from the brand identity, race uniforms, printing and digital collateral and everything else we have been doing.
To learn more about the project here.

331 N.W. 26th Street. 
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331 N.W. 26th Street. 
Unit 307
Miami, FL 33127


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